Graphic Design

Graphic Design and Product Design has a lot of crossovers and with a similar process and a final product, we are very similar.  In Product Design we have to do our own Graphic Design for branding, layout and presentation.  Some Product designers will even freelance Graphic design as well or just even do it for fun.

KJ, a Product Designer for Braiform, has an extensive Graphic Design gallery on his Deviantart profile, all freelance or personal work done in his spare time. 

So, I could try to become an all-rounder and be a product, graphic and web designer, or just end up being low skilled in a lot of things.  I am however currently trying to learn web code, with the end goal being to create my own website so that I can put my own work on it ready for graduation and getting a job.  However my pace is slow as I have a lot of other more important things to do and trying to squeeze it in is hard.  I feel I have got to grips on HTML, but CSS I feel is harder and I have spent less time on.

The front end Web Design tends to fall under Graphic Design meaning some Graphic designers can web code too, allowing them to offer more services and the skills for self promotion.

Joe Kozak and I went to college together and both did Product Design, however he went on to study Graphic Design.  I am jealous of his web design skills that enable him to make regular updates and new personal websites.  

Maybe I feel this as my design course does not teach web design and only touches on Flash.  Self promotion I believe is such an important thing, showing what you can do, and that you are out there, I feel makes you more employable.  I know that you can get jobs without even leaving a trace of yourself on the web, or in print.  But I know I am not that type of designer.


  1. I use Squarespace for my website, does all the coding stuff for you so you can concentrate on the content and style. Personally i think if you spent the time you are using to learn HTML/CSS on getting really good at graphic design the end result would be more impressive.

    Just an opinion, and I think that C-programming project instilled a deep hatred of code haha

  2. Thanks I will have to check out Squarespace.